City, Land, River.

ROOF WATER-FARM  envisions and tests decentralised wastewater treatment and use in buildings and residential areas together through greenhouse plant and fish production on city rooftops.




Resource, Lifesource, Wellness.

ROOF WATER-FARM is fascinated by everything liquid and fluid. Used and nutrient-rich water is purified into clear and useful water once again. Nutrients are re-sourced and applied anew.




Water, Technology, Life.

ROOF WATER-FARM researches hydroponics, aquaponics, process water use and fertilizer production as innovative strategies for urban water management.


Participation, Production, Daily Living.

ROOF WATER-FARM communicates technologies for decentralised urban water treatment and fish and vegetable production to be undertaken by private individuals, the service sector, urban neighbourhoods or professional communities.[1]





Urban Life, Process, Form.

ROOF WATER-FARM aims to change the atmosphere of the city, to enhance the quality of river waters and to act resource-efficient. Our goal is to bring fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and fresh fish from the roof to the house.